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Newbie Introductions Rules
[color=#FF0000][b]Newbie Introductions[/b][/color]

Welcome to the forum, If you are new to Ultimate-Chatzone, make a little introduction post telling our chat community about yourself. Its a great way to kick start being a member.


This forum is for introductions only. Anything else will be either reloated or deleted as spam
Do NOT spam the thread by replying everytime after someone welcomes you. This is classed as spam and your posts may be merged
Memebers are allowed ONE introduction thread each
Title the thread appriopriately
Do not post any personal contact information such as instant messenger or social site links
Remember to have fun

[b]I'd also like to add all Newbie introduction threads will be closed 2 weeks from the creation date! This is to help prevent spam. [/b]

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